Welcome to Joes Place Blog!

We love to share good, fun and entertaining content & information. We have a bunch of interests and will try to keep things organized around categories of topic and theme to hopefully keep things logical. Right off the bat, we’re going to delve into technology, AI and where all this is taking the human race and do we really want to go there? I love anything about brain science and everything regarding human potential. That leads me to a favorite subject, Hemp/Cannabis. I am fascinated by the current events swirling around cannabis legalization and especially the medical research on this amazing plant. I will also be exploring all the many other uses of this multifunctional plant.

Me? I’m an old school rocker, musician, writer, reader, thinker, father of two amazing children, lover of one woman, dancing weekend warrior. Hiking and outdoors with friends who love to see & share the wonder of the mysteries of the universe. I also love tools and tech and have a full quiver of them. Let’s explore and learn together.